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How to sell used commercial fridges

May 8

Commercial fridges are specifically known for their great appearance and ability to hold in a lot of food. Whether new or used, there are specific skills that you can master in order to be able to sell them fast.

  1. The target. Be specific about who you want to sell the fridge to. This means that you will have to know who would be interested in purchasing one and why? They include upcoming restaurant owners, catering services, interior home designers and homeowners. People who live in cold areas can also benefit from commercial fridges as they generate a lot of heat.

  2. Advertise:

    1. Where to advertise: Advertising can be the game changer therefore, make use of platforms like, Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace and eBay and Amazon if you don’t mind spending a bit on a listing fee. You can also distribute pamphlets, hire advertising agents and/or make deals with retailers to have discounted sales.

    2. When and how to advertise: Sales tend to go up during holiday seasons as people rush to buy gifts for their loved ones. You could maximize on an advertising during such seasons as well as highlight the description and specific features of the equipment. This can range from its size and capacity to its ease of cleaning.

    3. Additionally, add any good reviews that the equipment has garnered over time alongside quality and genuine pictures; as many clients are attracted to good visuals before they even make a decision whether to purchase the goods or not.

  3. Services: Being skilled in advertising while offering poor services is like taking two steps forward, then soon after four steps backwards over and over again. Sooner or later you will realise that the losses outweigh the profits and any positive recommendations are not doing much in negating the negative reviews.

    1. Ensure you not only offer delivery options, but efficient delivery services. It is frustrating for clients to order equipment only to be notified of their delay or impossibility of passage at a certain checkpoint. It is even more disappointing when they have to incur extra unplanned tax expenses while receiving damaged goods.

      As a result, you may suffer huge losses and risk going into liquidation with a long trail of annoyed and unsatisfied customers seeking compensation. Therefore, reinforce any weaknesses in delivery and have a bonus.

    2. Invest in good customer care services. From the company’s ability to sustain fast and meaningful communication down to the respective agents, ensure that credibility, patience and honesty run through.

    3. Give correct expert opinion and advice. Have the client’s best interests at heart as you help them in deciding if your commercial fridge is right for them to buy. Bring to their knowledge the features and benefits available for sale from glass and solid door to undercounter and worktop commercial fridges as this process can be confusing if not already tiresome.