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IBC Tote Mixer

Jun 23

IBC Tote Mixer

The IBC Tote Mixers is a simple and effective mixing solution for re-usable intermediate bulk containers (IBCs). These reusable plastic tote tanks are used in a wide variety of industries including chemical processing, food production and water treatment. The IBC tote mixer is designed to quickly and efficiently agitate the contents of any size of liquid IBC tank by delivering bursts of compressed air/gas. This IBC tote mixer process creates huge flat air bubbles that mix and agitate the liquids faster than conventional mechanical or impeller style tote mixers.

IBC tote mixers are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations to accommodate almost any application. The tote mixers can be mounted on an IBC flange or welded to a frame with fork lift channels for easy tote transport. Mixer agitators can also be mounted on the tote lid using a stainless steel bung clamp to make it easy to mix, drain and wash the tote. The IBC tote flange mount mixers and bracket mount mixers can be attached to the IBC using an optional lifting eye or forklift channel.

For example, the Even Mix 1055 Tote-Stick IBC mixer uses an air powered, industrial pneumatic tote agitator that is completely portable and operates without the need for electricity or chemicals. This IBC tote agitator is used to quickly and easily mix a wide variety of slurries, low viscosity fluids, and high solid content materials in standard IBC or bag-in-box liquid IBC totes.

The industrial tote agitator can be moved between tote tanks to mix multiple types of liquids for maximum versatility. The adjustable mixer speed control allows the operator to match the speed of the IBC tote mixer to the specific needs of the process and container type. This IBC tote agitator can be used to mix all types of corrosive and non-corrosive fluids and materials including:

This tote mixer can also be used to efficiently mix and agitate corrugated bag in box liquid IBCs as well as polyurethane foam insulated IBCs. The non-mechanical IBC tote blending process is ideal for quickly re-homogenizing the contents of these corrugated disposable bags or soft foam constructed IBCs as the shear force of mechanical or rotary mixers would damage the plastic liner and alter the chemical properties.

This IBC tote mixer works extremely well in Schutz style IBC tote containers commonly used for chemical storage and shipping. This is because the IBC tote agitator features a collapsible mixer blade that can be inserted through the 6" screw cap opening found on most Schutz style totes. The mixer blade folds to fit through the IBC opening and then expands within the tote to agitate the contents of the tote.

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